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TECHNIREC  from Smart Future Tech is a 3d Product Animation system 

  • Instead of just showing a picture of your product, 3D animation allows you to show your product in action. We’re able to create animations that show exact scenarios where your product can be used and can solve your customer's problems.

  • Not only can you comprehensively explain potentially complex products in easy-to-understand visuals, but there is also the ability to highlight key features of your products.

  • A high-quality 3D product animation will also allow your company's Marketing department to see exactly what their money is going towards. - Generating new opportunities

  • With the ability to be shared online, a 3D product animation can remove barriers such as location constraints that could stop your customers from buying your product.

What is 3d product animation?


3D product animation is the process of creating 3D generated video to advertise or educate a product. This could involve a variety of 3D and motion graphic techniques .We offer 3D product animation, to help you show your M&E or HVAC product/service in the best light. The video can include dynamic camera movement, motion graphics, fluid simulation and material manipulation.



















We built the TECHNIREC system to demonstrate to product manufacturers and service businesses to explain what their product is, how it works, how to install it , but take it to the next level internally within contractors own business, but more importantly with customers. 



With nothing else available and affordable for most businesses, we worked in conjunction with a specialist industrial and M&E product animators who have extensive experience in production of M&E/HVAC products


We developed Technirec for the following trades: -

  • HVAC​

  • Refrigeration

  • Fire & Security​

  • Lifts & Elevators​

  • Electrical​

  • Plumbing & Drainage

  • Roofing

  • Restoration

In fact any M&E Business working in either new build construction, replacements/upgrades, project works or maintenance services.

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