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3D Product Animation Services for M&E and HVAC Manufacturers

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We use our specialist 3d Product animation services to explain what your products are, how they work, how to install them and how to repair them

Can you imagine the amazing ability to showcase and explain your potentially complex products or services through 3D Technical Product animation?



















With the advancement in new M&E /HVAC technologies and products, there is often a need to show and explain either, what they are, how they work or how to install them.

As we know a picture is worth a thousand words, Research shows that visual communication is more powerful than just verbal or written information. People remember better and faster if the text is visually supported.


With illustrations, 3D animations and interactive models you can convey information more clearly and powerfully and reach your target group more efficiently.


Have a look at the 3d animated videos on this website for inspiration. You will find various examples of technical 3D animations, 3D visualizations, visual content for e-learning and educational apps.


3D animation as a powerful marketing tool


If you want to present your products briefly and powerfully to your customers then choose an animation.


Using 3D animation for marketing purposes


Your potential customer needs clear information to choose and specify your product. A high quality, appealing 3D animation clearly illustrates your unique selling points and products.


For example, you can show your customers the precise operation of a machine or show them the progression of a complex technical process. The 3D animation emphasizes what is important for your customer to make the purchasing decision and gives you an advantage over your competitors.


Accentuate unique selling points


What do you want to show in the 3D animation and for what purpose? Which unique selling points do you want to emphasize? We would be happy to discuss these important questions with you.


Why choose Technirec Animation?

• We speak and understand the language of M&E engineers.

• Extensive experience in the translation of technical processes

• Knowledge of file exchange;

• Additional services in the field of visual communication;

• Good value for money.


The benefits to manufacturers are obvious, especially where reductions in claims from poor installations. We have all seen many horror stories on LinkedIn etc where items have failed or caused a fire/flood etc where things have been installed incorrectly. 


Often times many people prefer to see and hear how to do something as well as being supported with technical documentation. Therefore its no surprise that there is an ever growing need to use the latest in photo realistic 3D product animation, 3d Modelling, and 3d Rendering  and technical explainer videos.

We know you probably don't understand what many of these processes are - nor do you care. After all there are so many technical options - many of which can be confusing. Therefore probably the best place to start is with a brief conversation to understand what you want to achieve. Quite commonly that usually means they have seen a 3D Product explainer video or animation elsewhere.

Please see our specific M&E/HVAC 3D Product showreel below and what can be achieved.

The Benefits of 3D animation for M&E and HVACR Businesses


There are many benefits to using 3D product animation to showcase your M&E product or brand. But here are our top four benefits.

  • Instead of just showing a picture of your product, 3D animation allows you to show your product in action. We’re able to create animations that show exact scenarios where your product can be used and can solve your customer's problems.

  • Not only can you comprehensively explain potentially complex products in easy-to-understand visuals, but there is also the ability to highlight key features of your products.

  • A high-quality 3D product animation will also allow your company's Marketing department to see exactly what their money is going towards. - Generating new opportunities

  • With the ability to be shared online, a 3D product animation can remove barriers such as location constraints that could stop your customers from buying your product.

What is 3d product animation?


3D product animation is the process of creating 3D generated video to advertise or educate a product. This could involve a variety of 3D and motion graphic techniques .We offer 3D product animation, to help you show your M&E or HVAC product/service in the best light. The video can include dynamic camera movement, motion graphics, fluid simulation and material manipulation.


Its the perfect way to make your product stand out amongst competitors. Your product design and ideal target audience is taken into consideration as we tailor the video by introducing lighting styles, background and sound tracks that match the theme of your brand. Additionally we can overlay text and narration related to a particular feature.

Why you should use 3d product animation

Unique Visual Effects


With out 3D product animation services we offer unique, stunning visual effects that will help your product stand out from the crowd. Water simulations, internal cut aways, advanced camera tracking, material manipulations are just a few of the techniques we can use to WOW! your potential customers

A Top Quality Premium Look


With 3D animation we can help achieve a highly professional quality polished look that increases your brand/product image and credibility. Show customers how serious you are about your product with motion visuals that impress. 

Explain your products key features


It's important that you highlight and explain your products key features and USP's with your 3d product animation. With 3D we can zoom, open up and even explode your product to show all the ins and outs. There's no better way to explain the technology or design of your item.

Full 3d M&E/HVAC product animation


3D M&E/HVAC product videos are our main service in this area. Often Described as 20-30 second long advertisement or explainer videos. We take a bespoke approach with our product animations by working with you closely to discuss your products key selling points, and target audience. This ensures you get maximum benefit from the video.










In Conclusion


A 3D product animation can be used.

- On your product listing page

- On your social media channels

- On your website

- As a digital PPC advertisement campaign

A successful 3D product video will.

- Increase your conversions on your product listing page

- Spread brand awareness / exposure

- Visually describe your products USP

- Help explain how your product works

- Help to explain how to install them

- Help to show how to repair them 

- Helps customers visualise how they would fit your product in their projects

How Much does it Cost to make an animated Video?
Check out this explainer Video from our partner at Hexa Hills that details more.

Explaining the Components of a 3d Technical

Animated Product Production


When you watch an engaging and interesting 3D animated explainer video, a lot more goes into it than meets the eye. From the initial concept to the final rendered video, a 3D animation project is a meticulous and collaborative process that involves various different components working together harmoniously. Let’s dive into the intricate world of 3D animation and explore the key elements that make up a 3d Technical Animated Product production.

1. Conceptualisation and Planning:

Every animation project begins with an idea. This phase involves brainstorming concepts, storyboarding, and outlining the narrative. It’s here that the creative vision takes shape, and decisions about the characters, setting, and storyline are made.

2. Pre-Production:

In this stage, the groundwork is laid for the animation. Tasks include creating character designs, environment concepts, and model sheets. Planning for camera angles, lighting, and overall aesthetics also occurs during pre-production.

3. Modelling:

Modelling is the process of creating 3D objects and characters using specialised software. Artists build digital structures that form the foundation of the animation. These models define the shape, texture, and visual attributes of the elements in the animation.

4. Rigging:

Rigging involves creating a digital skeleton for characters and objects. This enables them to move realistically. Artists add control points, known as “rigs,” to the models, allowing animators to manipulate them as needed.

5. Texturing and Shading:

Textures are applied to models to give them realistic appearances. Artists paint textures that mimic surfaces like skin, metal, or fabric. Shading enhances how light interacts with these textures, contributing to the final visual quality.

6. Animation:

This is where the magic happens. Animators breathe life into the characters by posing and moving them. It’s an intricate process that requires understanding body mechanics, timing, and storytelling techniques.

7. Lighting:

Lighting sets the mood and atmosphere of the animation. Artists place virtual lights, adjust their intensity and color, and simulate real-world lighting scenarios to enhance realism.

8. Simulation and Dynamics:

For elements like hair, cloth, and fluids, simulation and dynamics are used. These techniques create movement that responds to forces like gravity, wind, and collisions, adding a layer of realism to the animation.

9. Rendering:

Rendering is the process of converting the 3D scene into a final 2D image or video. This step involves intricate calculations to simulate lighting, shadows, reflections, and other visual effects.

10. Post-Production:

Post-production includes compositing, where different elements (such as characters and backgrounds) are combined. Visual effects, color correction, and sound design are added to enhance the overall impact.

11. Review and Iteration:

Throughout the project, review and feedback loops ensure that the animation aligns with the creative vision. Adjustments are made based on feedback from the team and stakeholders.

12. Final Delivery:

Once the animation is complete, it’s rendered at high resolution and delivered in the desired format—be it for a movie screen, website, or presentation.




3D animation is a complex orchestration of creative vision, technical expertise, and collaborative effort. From concept to final delivery, each stage contributes to the immersive and captivating experience that 3D animations offer. By understanding the various components of a 3D animation project, you gain insight into the artistry and technology that bring virtual worlds to life.

If you’ve been captivated by our stunning 3D animations and imaginative visual effects, imagine what we can create together! At Technirec Animation we specialise in bringing your ideas to life through cutting-edge animation technology and visionary storytelling. From concept to completion, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your project exceeds your expectations. Don’t wait – let’s collaborate.

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